Showcasing the Art of Mark May

Kickstarter launches May 16th for the HellBringers 52 Card Game Deck!

About Me

My Background


2 year of college level art as well as learning from masters at shows.  So far I've learned from and had portfolio reviews by Steve Rude, Neal Adams, Mike Zeck, Khoi Pham, Bob McCleod, as well as many others. I have pin ups in Madam Satan #2, Notti and Nyce Bikini Special 2018, and Space Force. I am also a Lucasfilm approved artist. Just waiting on Topps or who ever wants to use me. Had the pleasure to ink a Neal Adams for the inkwell awards. I have been a professional artist for 4 years. What a ride so  far. Just the start?  Who knows.

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as pencils, acrylics, inks, ink washes, copics, prismacolors, color pencils, air brush, oil paints, as well as digital if needed. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style and takes skill to master all in it's own. Just starting can be the hardest part.  Push through.

My Inspiration


Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Gene Colan, John Severin, Friz Freleng, J. Scott Campbell,  Kyle Holtz, Frank Frazetta, Wally Wood, Marat Mychaels, Ken Lashley, Steven Pulawa, Jack Davis, Ken Lashley, Frank Brunner, John Buscema, Mike Zeck, Jack Kirby, Todd McFarlane, Chad Hardin, Jim Lee, Mike Debalfo, Bill Sienkiewicz, EBAS, Elias Chatzoudis, as well as so many more others.  

Below is a gallery with some homages in it where I credit the artists who did it first and some where I didn't before I learned I needed to.  Every one has to start somewhere. I recommend learning from the ones who came before you.

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